Fighting For Our Lives Available Once More, Ten Year Report, Mayday Poster


Today, April Fool’s Day, 2006, we announce the third printing of our anarchist primer Fighting For Our Lives, which is once again available from us free in bulk throughout North America. This printing of 150,000 brings the total print run of this pamphlet to 500,000 copies, the target we set for this project three and a half years ago. This latest edition is by far the best looking, with two colors throughout and several other format improvements. Please order as many copies as you think there might be readers in your community—let’s keep the anarchist alternative in the public eye.

A half million copies of a paper is a lot in some circles, but in our eyes, this is the very least we can do. We would like to see a similar level of activity from all other anarchist groups, whether that takes the form of outreach, artistic expression, community infrastructure, labor organizing, mass mobilizations, sabotage, or other means of struggle.

We’ve taken advantage of this occasion to compile a report on the past decade of CrimethInc. activity, painstakingly prepared by CrimethInc. Far East in association with other CWC operatives. This report chronicles some of the projects that have appeared during this period and suggests some lessons that can be derived from these ten years of experience.

Finally, just in time to help promote local events celebrating the coming of spring and the memory of the Haymarket martyrs, we’ve finished a new Mayday poster, which is now available for downloading.