CrimethInc. Far East Financial Crisis and Corresponding Days of War Fundraiser, Convergence Update


We’re thrilled to relay that in the first seven weeks after announcing the availability of the third printing of Fighting For Our Lives, we have received more than one thousand requests for free copies; at the same time we are chagrined to report that donations are at an all time low, and numerous other factors have contributed to our first-ever full-blown financial crisis (to the degree where we cannot currently send out any free copies of FFOL due to lack of funds). We’ve posted a report on the situation, and have included some suggestions for how you can help if you have a few extra dollars and feel the work we’re doing is worth supporting. Towards that end, we have a special Ne Plus Ultra Edition of Days of War, Nights of Love—a hardcover pressing limited to one hundred copies celebrating the book’s tenth printing and fifth anniversary (both of which actually occurred about nine months ago—we’ve been busy -Ed.). We will be sending out a total of fifty copies as tokens of our appreciation for people who make donations of $100 or more (details here). Thanks so much—for all the support everyone has given to bring our collective effort this far, and for your consideration in the present situation.

We’ve been working around the clock sorting proposals for this summer’s convergence, trying to put everything in place. We’re still looking for people to share skills and stories—we’d love to hear from those who experienced mutual aid following hurricane Katrina, participants in the CPE riots in France and undocumented immigrant struggles in the US, local organizers who have hit upon particularly effective schemes, and just about everyone else. If you’re interested in bottom-lining a project or presentation, please email us with your plans; you can also download a promotional poster. As summer begins to heat up, at least one tour will set out for the convergence. In the meantime, you can keep up with the ongoing Requiem tour here.