Collaboration with P.O.S


We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Minneapolis rapper P.O.S in distributing over 600 copies of our Work book and several times that many “Capitalism Is a Pyramid Scheme” posters in preorders for his excellent new album, “We Don’t Even Live Here,” on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

P.O.S approached us some time ago about including our material in this release, his fourth solo album, which deals with some of the same subjects. We were flattered to receive this invitation from someone whose music we appreciate so much. His razor-sharp wit opens windows on startling vulnerability; his insouciance comes off a thousand times realer than garden-variety hip hop posturing. And we think it’s high time that someone in his position reached out to combine art with radical points of departure: music should offer emergency escape hatches out of this world, not just temporary vacations from it.

We’re interested in future collaborations with other musicians, artists, and anyone else who wants to shake things up. But P.O.S got there first, and he deserves credit for that.

A big thanks to him and his team for making this happen. We’re looking forward to making contact with everyone who learns about our projects via his album.

[Banner photos courtesy of awesomely enthusiastic folks on Twitter.]