Let the Dumpsters Roll


In our initial coverage of last month’s G20 protests, we challenged readers to imagine the offensive role dumpsters played in the conflict as a fable in which a tool refuses its prescribed social function:

Imagine, if you will, gentle reader, the animist version of this story in which dumpsters, long accused of complicity in anarchist “lifestylism,” step out of their social role to join the social war. Free food, even when distributed via programs like Food Not Bombs, is not enough—we want freedom itself, and the dumpster does too, and it gains momentum down the hill as it rolls, alone and magnificent, directly into a pair of oblivious policemen.

Our friends at the Super Happy Anarcho-Fun Pages, profiled earlier on this blog, have risen to the challenge, publishing a special issue of their comic delightfully lampooning our biannual Rolling Thunder. This sendup chronicles the adventures of one Skip, a dumpster who forsakes his place in a dropout community to make war on the ruling social order. It is available for downloading here:

web version **[6MB PDF] **: letter-size print[6.6MB PDF] : A4 print[6.7MB PDF]